Privacy Policy Sokpop Collective

Hello! We're Sokpop Collective. We make games and applications. This privacy policy states what kind of data they do or do no collect. In short, our software:

As of February 14th 2018, the following software contains the following services:

Anonymous usage statistics

We do not collect any personally identifiable information about the users of our software. Anonymous usage statistics (a.k.a. analytics) helps us improve our software once they have been released. This data could include what device you use and which version of the operating system it has installed, which version of our software you have installed, your country to determine which languages to add, crash reports, and application-specific events that help us determine where you might be stuck. To gather these anonymous usage statistics, we use a third party service called 'Unity Analytics'. This services stores this data securely and doesn't share the data with anyone else.


We may feature advertising within our applications. The advertisers may collect and use information about you, such as your activity, device identifier, MAC address, IMEI, geo-location information and IP address. They may use this information to provide advertisements of interest to you. For our ads, we use a third party service called 'Unity Ads'.


If you have any questions, please contact