No, you will only get access to the last game that were released before you became a patron and all the games after that.

We did a GDC talk in 2019 where we explained how we do it! Find it here

Nope, not really! There's always something we want to make a game about if we think about it!

This is an issue we're having with OS X. Move the game to a different folder and then run the game again. This usually fixes it!

You probably don't have DirectX yet or you are missing a driver either way. You can download the necessary driver for free with link

You can email us@sokpop.co or reach out on twitter.com/sokpopco

Oops, sorry! You can submit bug reports in the #bugs channel in Discord, or you can send an email to bugs@sokpop.co and then we'll see what we can do